Live in love

Stand upon Grace,Walk by Faith, Live in Love, Grace and Peace be yours in abundance.
1 Peter 1:2

I found God on my yoga mat. Yes, let me say that again, I found God on my yoga mat. It has, and remains to be, an amazing journey. Let me share…..

I was brought up in the Christian faith. I sang Jesus loves me, and memorized bible verses. I prayed for world peace every night when I said my bedtime prayers. I loved Jesus, and I knew in my heart that He loved me.  From an early age I could feel the flow of Divine love that is available to each of us if only we choose to seek it.  Suddenly, the drama of life began to unfold. For some of us this happens at an early age, beyond the control of a child, the world shifts, and sometimes it cracks wide open, threatening to swallow one whole.  I held fast to my faith that Jesus loved me,  a lifeline in the tumultuous sea of life, but the pain began to creep in.  My heart had begun to break, and yet I knew somehow, I was not in this alone, although at times the loneliness was almost unbearable. I was a child, and yet I chose to STAND UPON GRACE. I chose to reach out to God, and stay connected to that Divine spark inside my heart. Sometimes, when life becomes more than we are able to bear, we can choose to stand up/on grace, as well.  By choosing grace we are able to allow ourselves to be uplifted, even when we are not strong enough to do the lifting.  God will lift you up on His grace.  Yet, somewhere along the way, I managed to forget that.  The drama of life can separate us from our relationship from God. Pain can become overwhelming, and we can become angry, bitter, and distant.  The Divine spark can feel like a distant light at the end of a very long tunnel. We may turn away from the light as our hearts harden to protect our soul, and darkness threatens to overtake us. This is when we WALK BY FAITH, whether conscious or not. God continues to guide us, ever faithful, always there, waiting for us to reach out. Faith can take many forms, but often faith exists whether we know it or not. It can shape our lives, even when we are consumed with the practicalities(or the survival of)life, and aren’t as spititually active/receptive as we could be. It wasn’t until many years later, that I began to hear, and receive, the word grace again.  Surprisingly, it was on my yoga mat. I had a back injury that had brought pain into my body, as well as my pained soul.  I started to practice yoga to ease the pain in my physical body.  Little did I know, God had planned my emotional healing to begin as well. Slowly with patience, and practice, my heart began to soften, I began to take down the walls that protected it. I re-connected with the lost pieces of my soul. God’s whispers so soft and loving began to fill my ears, and my heart. The constant chatter of my mind, often negative and full of fear, began to fall silent. In spite of myself, and fears from others that a yoga practice was not Christian, my communion with God on my yoga mat told me otherwise. I began to pray again, deep, loving conversations with God, healing in union with body, mind, and spirit began to bud, and blossom. An unfolding of the Divine began to take place not only in my heart, but also began to manifest in my life. Feeling deep peace and gratitude for the opportunity and choice to LIVE IN LOVE, I began my journey to teach what I had learned/experienced through my personal yoga practice. When we choose to connect with God,(on or off our yoga mat),and open our hearts to the flow of heavenly love, a profound beauty and joy manifest themselves as an endless flow of love. Open your arms, and embrace a life lived in love. May grace and peace be in abundance in your life.