Heart Chakra Meditation

Begin seated. You may sit in a chair with your feet flat on the floor, or you may choose to sit in easy pose (cross legged on the floor). Place your left hand over your heart if you are a girl, right for guys. Place the opposite hand over the other on top of your heart. Now both hands are positioned over the heart, one covering the other. You may choose to say a prayer, or blessing before you begin. Sitting up nice and tall, with the crown of the head reaching up to the sky, chin parallel to the floor, begin to gently inhale through your nose, filling your belly with breath. Allow your belly to get nice and round, like you are inflating a balloon, pause the breath when your belly is fully expanded, and begin to gently exhale through your nose, by pressing the belly back toward your spine as you exhale; to press the breath completely out of your lungs. Continue to breathe in this manner as we move into your heart space. Bring your attention back to your hands. Notice them resting over your heart; notice how they feel. Perhaps they feel warm, or cool, moist or dry, etc. In our yoga practice, we begin to notice things about our physical body, to develop awareness without judgement. It helps us to achieve a connection to our bodies by using our attention/intention. Now with your eyes gently closed, or your gaze soft, bring your attention to your heart space. Notice if your can feel your heart beating under your hands. Notice any feelings that may arise.  If you encounter some emotions, or strong feelings, acknowledge them with love, and gratitude.  Honor the blessing that may come with those feelings.  Be present in the moment, by staying connected to your breath.  Be very aware of your breath.  You may choose to deepen the breath again, by inhaling deeply into the low belly, (breathe into the space just below the belly button), or you may choose to lengthen the exhale of your breath.  Allow your attention to stay connected to the breath, and let the emotions/feelings flow through you.  Allow yourself to let go, and let God.  Stay in the flow of the great ebb and tide of the breath.  Remember that all life has a flow, and all things have a season.  Now bring your attention back to your heart space.  Fill your heart with God’s love, allowing love to flow in on the breath, and exhale love.  Feel yourself filling with unconditional love, let your heart feel full, expanding with each breath.  Feel yourself loving and radiant, filled from the inside out, expanding and radiating from your heart.  Stay here for as long as you would like, inhaling and exhaling, allowing your body to be a vessel of unconditional love.  When you are ready, you may deepen your breath again, give thanks for this glorious gift of love, and bring your hands back down onto your thighs.  Feel the connection between your hands, and your legs, becoming aware of your connection to the earth, feeling the floor beneath your sit bones, or your feet.  Open your eyes slowly, inhale deeply one more time, exhaling completely.  Continue lovingly, and boldly into your day.