Intention:  n.  that which one is resolved to do, purpose // meaning, significance, (what is the intention behind this question?) // (logic) a concept //  (eccles.) the will to apply the benefits of prayers or a mass to a particular person or object // (eccles.) the person or object for whom the benefits of prayers or mass are meant // (med.) the process or manner in which a wound heals.  

~as defined by Webster

Wow.  That is one powerful definition.  I would like to begin with my intentions for this blog.

  • To share my passion for life lived in love.
  • To share in God’s love and amazing grace.
  • To share the joy of living simply from the earth up.
  • To share the heart of a homesteading family.
  • To teach yoga & sustainability for a natural and beautiful life.
  • To nurture families.
  • To walk the path with other kindred mamas.
  • To share my obsessive passion with whole foods, and beautiful gourmet cooking, simply.
  • To foster creativity as a family, and a way of life.

So it appears that my main intentions for this blog are:  to share, to teach, to nurture, and to walk the path that God has so beautifully blessed me with.  Now let me ask you this……What are your intentions today?