Living in the ebb and flow

Life has movement.  There is a tidal movement to our lives, just as there is in the ocean.  We can choose to live in the ebb and flow of that tidal movement, or we can resist the tide.  The choice is ours.  Sometimes, we unconsciously choose to fight the tide.  We fight, flail, and ceaselessly tread water until we are completely spent, and exhausted.  Since we were not aware of our choice, we can wake up one morning and wonder what happened.  We may feel like we are drowning in a sea of discontent.  The amazing thing about this gift of awareness is that we now can choose to join the flow, and stop the fight.  We do not have to go down with the ship.  Grab your life raft of awareness, and hold on, you can now rise to the surface, in spite of the tide, and float on the peace of the present moment.  Imagine yourself underwater, swimming peacefully with the gentle flow of the wave.  Allow your body to effortlessly relax into the flow, and become a part of the whole ocean of life.  Feel yourself supported lovingly by the water and the life around you.  Swim with the fishes, swim with the turtles, swim with the dolphins.  Swim your heart content.  Feel yourself gently moving with the tide.  Allow yourself to be buoyed by the love around you. When you are ready come up to the surface and take a deep breath.  Welcome back.  Aaaahhhh…..