Live Your Passion

Passion.  A word that has strong emotional ties.  What does it stir in you?  We all have a passion, maybe some of us have a few.  We all have a life purpose which is closely tied to our passions.  Passions are the causes, the things, if you will, that are near and dear to our hearts.  Often our passion and purpose lies entangled in life experiences.  It takes reflection, and soul searching to weed out the emotions of our hearts to untangle the passion, and also the purpose that lies dormant within.   Our life’s purpose is sometimes spelled out in our past.  It is the abandoned child who aligns his/herself with becoming the absolute best parent they can be.  It is the abused who learn to heal and council others.  It is the unheard who learn to sing.  Without the experience we would not have the motivation, or endurance to take up the cross and walk the path.  Step by step, fall after fall, we continue to strive forward toward the passion, toward the cause.  This comes with healing the heart, and also becomes a part of the healing process.  There is a soul satisfying need to allow the passion to become creatively expressed in living the purpose.  We are all here for a reason.  God has created us for a particular purpose.  A purpose that evolves, as we grow and change, a grand design that we cannot see, but in certain moments we can sense, and sometimes catch a little glimpse of, when we are on the path.  The surge of creativity, excitement, and expression of the passion satisfies the soul in only ways that God has designed.  This is how you know you are on the path that God has designed for you. Those glimpses seem to come at just the right moments, and God speaks to your heart when you listen for His whisper.  It takes boldness to live your passion.  It takes character to live your passion, but most of all it takes heart to live your passion.

You can only give when you love.  When we can look at life through love colored lenses, we can give of our hearts.  We can be brave enough to live that passion, strong enough to walk the road less traveled, and wise enough to not let the world put out the fire in our hearts.  Allow yourself to love enough to heal whatever may need healing in your life, to kindle the embers of passion in your heart, and allow you to begin to live out your purpose. Fan the flame, that may be dormant, or may be smoldering quietly within, waiting for just the right timing, and just the right love to bring about the flame that will burst your heart into a passionate inferno.