A Wise Mama Knows….

Today I am starting a page that I will continue to build on.  I am so excited about this page :0) It’s an idea that’s been cookin’ for a while, and is meant to be inspirational, & funny.  We’ll see how that goes…….

A Wise Mama Knows…..that little boys come out of the womb needing to get dirty, needing to explore, and needing to create.

A Wise Mama Knows….now matter how big, or how old they grow, a little boy remains a little boy in his heart.

A Wise Mama Knows….to pray unceasingly for her children.

A Wise Mama Knows….to check for small critters in the pockets of her little ones when doing laundry.

A Wise Mama Knows….that this too shall pass.

A Wise Mama Knows….when to hold  ’em & when to fold ’em.

A Wise Mama Knows….how to laugh at herself.

A Wise Mama Knows…. or learns in a hurry, how to effectively diaper her new baby boy without getting a shower.

A Wise Mama Knows….to teach her children about nurturing the earth and all it’s creatures.

A Wise Mama Knows….to embrace EVERY moment, and see the blessings & joy in it ALL.

A Wise Mama Knows….that chicken soup made with love really does cure a cold.

A Wise Mama Knows….that each and every child is a unique creation and blessing from God.

A Wise Mama Knows….not to sweat the small stuff.

A Wise Mama Knows….she is her child’s first, and most important teacher.

A Wise Mama Knows….each and every day is a new beginning.

A Wise Mama Knows….to keep it simple, because the simple moments are the best ones.

A Wise Mama Knows….to shower her children with hugs & kisses.  The power of touch is  a deep connection beyond words.

A Wise Mama Knows….her children need limits.

A Wise Mama Knows….to teach her children how to dream, and reach for the stars.

A Wise Mama Knows….how important good manners & gratitude are.

A Wise Mama knows…..to say I LOVE YOU.

A Wise Mama Knows….to let her children snorkel in the bathtub.