New Beginnings


~Simple Joys~

Our beautiful hennies have graced us with our first egg, not only of the new flock, but of the new year!  Yay!!!! It is always so exciting to find that first egg, its quiet surprise waiting expectantly to be found.  It’s gentle beauty and graceful curves always delight my senses.  How something so simple in design can cause such joy and excitement in a homestead household is a wonder.  We all race out to the coop, daily, to see if there are any new eggs waiting in their quiet glory, for us to find them!  And when we do it is always cause for joy!  It never really seems to get old, the wonders of life; or maybe it’s just the simple things that I delight in!  Our first egg of the new year, creates pause for reflecting upon new beginnings.  Each day is a new beginning.  Each moment allows space for a new beginning.  Each breath opens the promise of a new beginning.  Maybe it’s the hope of new life that causes me to ponder the beginnings, maybe it’s the winter sunrise, with the promise that spring will come… maybe it’s the richness of abundance that the homestead flock brings to daily life.  Whatever the combination of causes the effect is, I feel deeply, and richly blessed by life.  The cycles of nature, the rhythms of daily life, the miraculous in the mundane, is where I pause to catch my breath.  Life can race by, busyness can overtake us, but let us not forget to pause, to breathe in all the goodness, all the miraculous, and all the simple blessings and joys of the day. Let us rejoice and be glad.



May each day be simply blessed with new beginnings, abundance, and joy.