Very Inspiring Blogger Award


A very warm and heartfelt thank you to my beautiful friend, kindred seeker, hunter, gatherer, and mama, Gina, for the nomination, and also for supplying me with a well-spring of inspiration and support over the years!  I feel blessed to walk barefoot, the grace-laden path with you!  Thank you Gina! May you continue to fill the well….all is well.

Please pour a cup of coffee, or brew a cup of tea, and swing on by for a visit with Gina, ’round her kitchen table, at A Wisdom Within.  Her warmth, wit, and wisdom await.

The guidelines for accepting this peer award are as follows:

1   Display the award logo,

2   Link back to the person who nominated you,

3   State 7 things about yourself,

4   Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link to them.


Seven things about me

1  I am a passionate pioneer.  I intend to live and love each day, with all of its worldly dust, fully, intentionally, and passionately.

2  I count blessings, day by day, moment by moment, breath by breath.  It keeps me present, thankful, and fully blessed.  It also keeps me dancing in the rain.

3  I live on a happy little homestead in northern Minnesota with my loving husband, and four wild-at- heart boys.

4  I love to cook, to create with love, in the kitchen.  or out in the yard on the cookstove, or over a campfire….

5  I started blogging to create a space with which to share with others, in a spirit of love and gratitude, what I have lived, learned, and to simply celebrate the everyday graces of life.

6  I am happiest barefoot, toes rooted firmly in the earth 🙂  or possibly making snow-angels in the winter, with big beautiful flakes floating down from above to gently kiss my face.

7  I dance.  Everyday.    ….in the kitchen… the yard on the way to the barn or chicken coop… the garden….sometimes with a hoop…..with my lovin man…..with my boys…..   

I choose to dance my way through each day.

I acknowledge and fully understand that some of my Nominees have chosen not to participate in blog awards. For that reason I have not disturbed their decision by letting them know of this nomination. However for the purpose of sharing with you those blogs that I find inspiring, here they are:

I fully glean inspiration right from the source of all creative inspiration, God.  If only He had a blog……

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A very warm thank you, from my heart, and homestead, straight to yours,  all who are out there sharing, creating, and living and loving this one wild, and passionate life.  A well-spring of inspiration is out there for the taking…enjoy!

Thanks for sharing the love, and making the world a more beautiful place!