Beautiful Simplicity


The bounty of the hen house, or should we say booty?!

The eggs are rolling in here on our wintry homestead, at least a dozen at a time, in the last several weeks.  Those lovely hennies are busy out there!  We had a record breaker today. Fifteen eggs from sixteen hens, amazing!  It is still cold here, yet my beautiful hens don’t miss a beat.  I love that about the Light Brahma breed, they are happy layers even in sub-zero temps.  Works so well with our northern Mn winters.  I love the subtle colors and textures of eggs, each one different from the next. We finally had some sunshine today, after many days of very little light, it’s time to bring on the photography.  I couldn’t bear to hang a sheet over the window to filter the light, so I decided just to play in the sunshine.  Can you tell I have a little cabin fever goin on?  I love how the light changes through the photos.  Enjoy the beautiful simplicity, I know I sure do.




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