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We each have a plan and a purpose.  We walk this earth for a reason, for such a time as this.  We were created with uniqueness, beauty, joy and gifts that belong only to us.  We are given the gift of life to fulfill creativity, to bring it into fruition, the one of a kind gift that is your soul’s journey.  It is a beautiful design, but somewhere amongst the beauty, shadows creep in, ugliness can rear up without warning, heaviness can cripple a soul, yet we are called to be the best ‘us’ we can be, under heavy weight, under pressure, pain, dis-ease, and hill-climbing of life.  “Live your best life” has become the quote of the century.  When all is well, we can be our best selves, we can live our best lives, it is easy to see the beauty, but what about when the road gets long and winding, dust thickens and clouds vision, the path becomes rocky and hilly, daily mountain climbing wearies the bones, and we start to stumble.  We fall.  We lose sight of the beautiful.  The burden becomes weighty under the heaviness of living, muscles strain to carry it all.  The challenge becomes to allow beauty among the broken, finding light to shine through you, even in shadow,  in the darkness of soul.  Soul light flickers, threatening to go out under the heavy breath of broken.  One foot in front of the other, one whispered prayer at a time.  Climb that mountain of laundry and dishes, nurse the sick child through the night, pray your way through living life blessed.  Hold onto the beauty, presented in simple wildflower bouquets, beauty in divine light twinkling in mischievous boy eyes, beauty in rainbow suds of dish pan, beauty among chaos.  Choose to see it, to observe, to receive.  Opening to beautiful ordinary, beautiful daily.  Mamas have a special set of challenges.  We are the domestic engineers of our homes and environments, we are blessed with responsibility of nurturing little souls, we have marriages and relationships to maintain, work, volunteering, and other obligations outside the home.  What’s a girl to do, when she finds herself stumbling along the way?  Hand it over to Jesus.  Talk it out through him, prayed out through salty tears shed into dirty dishwater, surrendering all.  It was always His anyway.  Bending branch under heavy winter burden, I bow.  The cross was His to bear, all along, not mine.  Yet we take so much upon ourselves as women, mama, wife, heart nurturer, daughter, teacher, entrepreneur, all the titles we may wear.  Where have you put your dreams, my girl?  You know, the ones that were born childlike on lazy daisy summer days.  Dream seeds planted long ago within your soul.  The God whispers that came on wind, wild and free, to open ears receptive, wispy tendrils all around.  Gentle dream kisses upon hearts open.  Have you lost them among  piles of laundry, bills, and dishes? Under time constraints and obligations, beneath the ticking hands of time?  If so, it’s time to unearth the dreams, nurture the seeds, time to watch them grow.  Dreams wait.  God waits.  Soul learning takes time, and our time is not the same as divine timing.  Explore those long ago whispers that lie dormant within your heart, yearning to bud and blossom, opening springlike.  Listen to the gently swelling seed beating in your heart.  What are your deepest, truest desires, what is your passion, where do you bloom?  Maybe it is right here, under the piles of laundry, and dirty dishes that your heart blooms open, yet you have not embraced the passion fully because you have been told that you should be more.  Who said that?  Was it God?  I think not, odds are He whispered the dream of motherhood upon your heart long ago.  He whispered your dreams to you when you were open, when you could hear, before the shouts of the world drown them out.  Maybe you have a passion, a dream, to sing, to write, to dance, to paint, to draw, to home school your children, to homestead, to travel, to cook beautiful food, to go back to school, to help others.  Whatever your dream may be, honor it.  Often it is your life’s purpose.  God intended, soul fulfilling, purpose.  Align yourself to your intended purpose, to your dream, whether it is popular with the crowd or not.  Now, do not hear me wrong.  I do not mean to say that you should run off and join the circus, or leave your family high and dry, what I am saying is find a way to nurture the seed of your dreams.  Take a painting class if you have dreamed of becoming an artist, or begin experimenting with new recipes, learning new styles of cooking, if you dream of becoming a gourmet chef.  Begin to simplify life, grow your own food, even one potted tomato, if you have a heart to homestead and live in the city.  Dance.  Dance your way through life if God whispered it upon your soul.  Plan a family vacation if you would like to travel.  Learn ways to volunteer if you have the heart and hands to serve.  Write.  Write it all, with passion, the words of your heart, even if you do not think anyone needs to hear what you have to say, say it anyway.  We do not know how or when our dream gifts will be used, but God does.  Nurturing the seed of a dream begins with one drop of water, and fertile soul soil.  Open your heart to your dreams, and if you have always wanted to join the circus, set up a tight-rope in your backyard.  It’s time to start living them.


God has made everything beautiful for its own time.  ~Eccles. 3:11