Blessed Snow Day

This morning ushered in another snow day on our happy little homestead.  The kids were thrilled to have a free day to stay home and play in the snow banks and drifts.  It snowed heavily most of the day.  I spent the day working on my normal Monday household routine, laundry, dishes, vacuuming, picking up, a general recovery from the weekend.  After all whether it snows or not, we all need clean socks and underwear!  We made smoothies and cookies, soup and sandwiches on homemade croissants leftover from the weekend.  The kids played Twister, some card games, and a few board games, as well as several times out to brave the storm.  I smile as I look out the window to see what all the giggling is about, at four happy wild hearted boys, I pause to give thanks, it was a beautiful, blessed day, my heart swells for the gift.