Bulk Herb Store Order!!!!!


I met the UPS man at my front door, all dudded up to do chicken chores, slop bucket in hand.  My order had arrived!  I have been eagerly waiting for the fulfillment of my herb order.  I mentioned the Bulk Herb Store in my post about tincture making.  I ordered with great expectation that day, and I must say:  I AM IMPRESSED!!!!!  The box was well packaged.  It included a catalog and flyer for March specials.  Everything I ordered arrived neat, timely, and fully intact.  The box smells wonderful, the packaging is very nice, clearly labeled, and even has brief descriptions of what and how the individual herb is used.  William was thrilled, as our order included cinnamon, which we have been out of for almost two weeks.  He likes cinnamon on his toast in the mornings, and was sorely missing it, perhaps the sun will shine a bit brighter for him in the morning!  I have yet to try any of the herbs as I write this, although the cinnamon smells heavenly, but will be sampling some chamomile and valerian with a touch of spearmint, at bedtime.  You can see the herb through the packaging, and it looks of extremely good quality.  It appears I will not be disappointed.  I tried to photograph one of the bags, but the light was quickly fading.  You can see and identify the herb very easily.  It is not overly processed, or smashed, it just looks wonderful.  Well folks, there you have it, my rave over the Bulk Herb Store.  I WILL BE ordering from them exclusively.


I don’t know who’s more excited about the order arriving, the critters, kiddos, or me!

Do you suppose he can smell the valerian?


Eager anticipation!


A first look…


Lookin’ good!


Gorgeous herbs 🙂


A sneak peek at the Bulk Herb Store’s beautiful color catalog.

P. S.  Their prices are GREAT!  Shipping is only $6.50 for orders under $99.00, and FREE SHIPPING for orders over $99.00.

Here’s a little quote that I think expresses their mission very well.

“We strive to source the highest quality herbs we can find and make it available to you at a reasonable price so you can afford to use all of the natural remedies you desire without having to pick and choose because of cost.” 

Now that sounds good to me….Family and Homestead friendly.


* I thought that it is worth mentioning that I am not receiving any compensation or endorsement from the Bulk Herb Store, just sharing a great homestead/family resource!