Easter Miracle & Blessing


Spring awakens creativity.  What better time to enjoy the flow than Easter.  We decided to ‘get our Easter on’ on Good Friday.  This year, has been a little precarious to make big plans, with just launching into springtime schedules, Hubby’s workload has been a bit heavy, and Mama’s just trying to figure out how to make it all flow together.  SO… Mama decided to let go of the big plans…..i.e. big dinner, lots of decorations, lots of guests, household preparations, baking, cooking, and baking and cooking some more.  It was then that I realized, I was a bit let down by the letting go.  Sometimes it seems we put so much emphasis on the plans that the actual meaning gets lost in the commotion.  I was a girl without a country.  I will confess, I took a moment or two to pout greive, what I thought was the loss of celebration.  Yeah, not pretty, not real adult-like, but I did try to keep my tantrum to myself.  I didn’t need to share the ugly with friends and family.  It was a bit silly, but in hindsight, I see that I needed the process of grieving the letting go to be able to fully embrace the coming blessing.  I am completely and unequivocally, a work in progress.  By letting go of the holiday expectations, I was able to open myself to the flow of Spiritual creativity.  Wow, was it an amazing ride!  Always better, deeper, more, than what I could have ever brought to fruition on my own.  As the week unfolded, spring-like creativity began to bud again within my soul.  I could feel it there, awakening, stirring, waiting.  Embers became spark, stirred by Spirit, spark began to burn and ignite a creative energy of which I have not been moved by for quite some time.  This was beyond my control.  The burn was so deep, and passion so driven, it just began to bubble up out from the silent, sleeping winter depths.  By Good Friday I was up before sunrise, ready to launch full tilt into full-force, unstoppable creativity.  As soon as their little peepers were open, I informed the kiddos of our plans for the day.  The boys were excited to have a creative outlet.   We were making natural easter egg dye for coloring our eggs, we would be going out to adventure and scavenge for ‘found’ natural decorations, twigs, abandoned nests (they tend to blow out of the trees in the springtime here), pussy willows, and whatever other treasures we could find.  We were also making mini edible nests filled with candy eggs, and had some hot-cross buns on the to-do list.  ….Mama’s back, kids.  Let me explain.  When my boys were little, we were always making, exploring, creating, and learning together.  It was how we lived.  Art was a way of life, a daily part of living, a soul expression, not only as an individual, but also as a family. Somewhere along the busyness and the stresses of daily life, public school, sports, and sometimes just plain survival, I lost touch with some parts of my creative soul.  I just didn’t have the extra energy.  The kids didn’t either.  However, through blogging, writing, and becoming an active photographer again, the creativity has begun to surge back up from within, and we all know, that when Mama is inspired the entire house is inspired!  I decided to make an Easter skirt, as my searching the thrift stores left me without an Easter dress this year.  I had not indulged in an Easter dress for so long, but I had a calling back to a tradition from childhood this year.  Every year, my sister and I would get a new dress for Easter.  It was always an exciting time of celebration for us as we were growing up.  Tradition tugged at my heart, but as Spirit would have it, I would not find a new dress within my budget.  Creativity stirred.  I had my sewing stuff out already from making some aprons earlier in the week.  I began to design and sew.  As the flow of creativity would have it, the day moved along in a wave surging with energy and passion.  The creating was absolutely contagious.  We were unstoppable.  All four boys, and their Mama.  By afternoon we had colored eggs, made nests, found some lovely natural decorations, sewed, and had found each other again in the making, doing, and creating.  It is a big part of who we are as a family, or perhaps who we were, that we had been longing to connect with again.  Each of us highly creative beings, creating and making together, elbow to elbow, side by side, all jumbled up on top of one another in our little house….pure heaven.  We are all our best selves when this is how we are. The flow that happens, the absolute outpouring of love that happens, when we enter into the creative flow together, just blows me away.  It is like an engine, each of us a part that serves a purpose.  When each part of the whole is creating and entered into their flow, we work together in harmony in an unstoppable rhythmic force of love.  Humming in perfect synchronicity.  In making and creating together we found each other again.  We connected as a family  in ways that I had wondered if they were lost, a part of our past.  I keep thinking that we need to embrace the growing and the moving on, as we do, but there is something to be said for who we are, as individuals, and as a family.  That doesn’t change.  It is imprinted on our DNA, it is who we were designed to be…together.  FAMILY.  An amazing gift of finding ourselves by letting go, is our Easter miracle and blessing this year.  And again, I am thankful.