It seems the world could use a little more grace today.  As we open our hearts collectively as a country, as a community, as families, as individuals, we work together to raise the energetic vibration.  Rise above adversity.  Rise above violence.  Raise your voices in prayer.  Count your blessings.  Share your gifts.  Forgive what needs forgiving.  Let go of what does not honor truth.  Love deeply.  Tell those you love, that you love them.

Breathe in peace, exhale.  Then do it all again.

We can and we will rise above if only we join hands and hearts in love.  Pray for those who have been wounded, attacked, maimed, and open the door, not only justice, but compassionate forgiveness.  Allow healing to happen.  Actively join in the healing, by becoming a part of the process, by healing your own heart.

Just because it may be miles away, it may be a stranger, we are all still mamas, daddies, grandparents, daughters, sons, wives, husbands, neighbors, we are all one in the same. This applies everyday, not only in the wake of tragedy.  Tragedy brings awareness to our inter-connectedness as spiritual beings, on a soul level.

How can you bring joy to another in this moment?  Is there a way that we as individuals, as one soul, can connect, uplift, touch, create community, influence another soul, with great love?  Open arms to embrace the good grace that surrounds, be the stone in the center that causes the ripple effect to radiate circular.

How do you want to live your life?

Fully alive, fully awake, fully aware, and fully in love,

is how I choose to live mine.