Bringing the Goats Home

It has been a busy week on the homestead.  Spring has sprung, finally!  I think we were all beginning to feel a bit desperate, but despair no more, spring has arrived!!!!  I brought my goats home from their winter vacation over at my sister’s homestead, this week.  I have a very non-traditional way of transporting my goats, as we are a small homestead, we make do with what we have.  This means I haul my goats in a 1991 mazda protege.  The one with peeling paint, and no muffler, that much to my boys’s delight sounds like the best straight-piped harley you have ever heard.  In the back seat, covered with a tarp, goats swaddled in lovely old sheets, it is quite a sight, I am sure when I stop for the red light in our little one-stop-light town.  It is actually quite entertaining, and yes, you know your a red-neck when……


….I wish I had been able to get better pics, but once the car stops moving Betsy gets impatient.  I was the only one home today to enjoy my goat adventures, so I had to work quickly, with my hands full.  🙂


Have you ever seen anything cuter than a baby goat in a homemade cloth diaper??!!!


Hank and Betsy.

Betsy is our nanny goat, she is a lamancha, and her baby is Hank, he is 1/2 nubian, and 1/2 lamancha.


Isn’t she purdy?

I love my mama goat!

I think you either love lamanchas or hate them, because of their no-ears!  I think they look like regal ladies, with their hair done up high, no ears looks like their hair is pulled back!!! Lol


Little Hanky Panky 🙂

I have had people ask me why I would choose lamanchas with their strange looks, but once they taste the milk they understand exactly why I would choose them.

Their milk is one of the highest butterfat contents of all goat breeds.

It is super rich, creamy, and wonderful.

Gotta love fresh milk!

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