Hair Care, Naturally

I have had intentions of posting this for over two months! Man, when spring sprung, it did so with a force of glorious vengeance! We have been so busy working outside and in, that I have not had a spare moment to write, this is the first I have actually turned on the computer since the end of May. H-o-l-y c-o-w. A lot of big things have been happening here in our household, but I will share more on that in future posts. Stay Tuned!!!!
I wanted to share my hair revolution with ya’ll for some time now. Last spring I decided to go shampoo-less, or no-poo, as some say. I wanted a chemical-free way to care for my hair. Tired of shelling out more, and more money, on less and less satisfying results sent me seeking once again. I FINALLY decided to try cleansing my hair with baking soda. Expecting horrific results on my then, waist length hair, it took a while to work up the nerve to try. You see, I was trained in product use when I went through cosmetology school. I have always looked for natural and holistic ways to care for my skin and hair, but was quite convinced that baking soda could not possibly work, let alone work well. Let me tell you that one try was all it took to convert me! I could not believe the results! My hair was clean, bouncy, shiny, and soft. I could not believe it, loved it, and didn’t look back until late November when the weather changed, and our climate became extremely dry with winter heating. Reluctantly, I went back to shampoo for the winter, but dreamed of the beautiful summer hair I had experienced for the previous six months. Once the weather finally changed, and we quit heating the house, I excitedly changed back to the baking soda cleansing method, with wonderful results again.
Here are the recipes that I have found to work beautifully. They are all from Reformation Homestead and can be found here.  Quinn provides a wonderful post, and even has another post to answer most frequently asked questions about all natural hair care.  The first recipe is the easiest way to cleanse with baking soda, that I have used, the second is a lovely conditioning rinse, and the third is the most amazing hairspray you have ever used in your life.  I always get compliments on my hair when using the hairspray as it gives a beautiful sheen that lasts all day.

Have fun exploring!  Enjoy!