Sleigh bells ring…


Can you hear them ring?  Ok, I confess, we don’t actually have sleigh bells, YET, but we don’t really need them.  The jingle of the chains on the tug lines, and jangle of other harness parts brings a lovely rhythm all its own.  We were lucky enough to hitch up the team over at Grandpa’s homestead thanksgiving weekend before the cold snap set in and the snow got too deep.  Winter is now upon us in full force way up north here in Minnesota.  Yesterday was the first above zero day in quite a while, it felt like a heat wave at 27 degrees F!!!

Winter is definitely here.

William, David, and I enjoyed time together with the horses and my Dad.  We were able to hitch three days in a row, and all went brilliantly.  The horses were ready and willing to lay into harness, Will and I were set to learn from both them and our teamster leader, and David was busy desensitizing the horses to noise and movement!  Ha, ha!  He did, however, have a great time jumping on and off the back of the sleigh, and being as stealthy as possible without having to hold too still!   This was the first go of the season for them, and I was so proud of my girl!  Kayla is the sweet halflinger on the right, and she is our girl.  She has been over at Grandpa’s for the last year, to help get a team going with his horse PeeWee, on the left.  I am so thrilled to have the team up and going, and getting some quality time on them and time together horsin’ around as a family!

Breaking out the team together this weekend for the first time this season.


PeeWee on the left, and Kayla right front and center!


Comin’ round the bend!


Grandpa at the reins, and Will peeking ’round back!


Will getting his first ever driving lesson behind the team!  He drove them all through the field, and did an awesome job!!!!  He didn’t even drop the reins, unlike the other newby of the day….ahem….I won’t name any names!!!!

I couldn’t believe I let a rein slip, but I guess that’s what happens when your hands get cold!

Lesson learned.

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