You Know You’re A Homesteader When….


 You know you’re a Homesteader When….

You watch chickens instead of TV.

You read seed catalogs instead of People magazine.

You bake bread more than once per week.

You cook in your kitchen, not decorate it.

You own more mason jars than you can count, and it is still. NEVER. enough.

You obsess think about what barnyard animal you should add to the mix next.

You have various live and active things fermenting on your countertops.

Your kids think that living science in the kitchen is normal….

You are passionate about raw milk…and cream…and ice cream… and yogurt…and cheese…and all things homemade from home dairy.

You have dirt under your fingernails during growing season.

Your life revolves around seasons….planting/sowing season, growing/watering season (these two could really be lumped together as garden season, is what usually happens around here) harvesting the garden season, hunting season, butchering season.

You have chores to do.

You know that ‘canning’ does not mean opening various cans of whatever for supper.

You have an apron and you are not afraid to use it.

You are home more than you are away.

You have a chicken bucket in your kitchen.

There is a compost pile (or 2)  somewhere on your property.

Your children may or may not have been spotted skinny-dipping in the spring pond in your front pasture. ahem.

You make do.

You use it up, or wear it out.

You make your own chemical-free household cleaners.

You make your own laundry soap.

You make more gifts than you buy.

Your year-round fitness plan is cutting, splitting, and stacking firewood.

You make your own deodorant, hairspray, and beauty products.

You have more essential oils, tinctures, and home remedies in the cupboard than over the counter, or prescription medications.


You have a freezer full of homegrown meats, and home cured bacon and hams.

You have a canning room somewhere in your house.

You smoke meat for fun.

You have homemade wine, beer, or ginger ale on the shelf in the canning room.

You may or may not have been seen hauling goats, through town, with their heads out the backseat window in your ’91 Mazda Protege…that still gets 35 miles to the gallon even though it hardly has any paint left on the body, and sounds like the sweetest Harley you have ever heard.

You may or may not have diapered your goats for the ride. 🙂

If any one of these things resonates with you, you may be a homesteader, or on the path to becoming one!

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