Wholehearted Living

What does it mean to live wholeheartedly?

It means showing up everyday, being vulnerable, open, willing to fail, but wanting to put it ALL on the line anyway.  It means that we expose our tender spots so that we can connect deeply with others.  If we cannot show any tenderness from our own hearts, if hardness has taken it’s place, there cannot be a connection that we as human beings long for at soul level.  The result is always feeling disconnected and never feeling great joy.

We cannot experience great joy without first experiencing pain.

We cannot feel blessed if we have never wanted for anything.

We cannot experience God if there is no vulnerability.

We cannot heal if there was never a wound.

If we cannot admit we were wrong there is no forgiveness.

A wholehearted life is a whole life.  Living wholeheartedly means experiencing all life has to offer, not just taking the good parts and saying, “No thanks” to the hard stuff.  It is the hard stuff that sculpts us and re-makes us into a more beautifully unique person, it is where the depth comes, the character refines, and great love is born.

We were created to live wholly, holy.  To be holy.

Holy is from the Hebrew word qadash  (Kaw-dash), a primary root meaning, to be.   To make, pronounce, observe as clean– appoint, bid, consecrate, dedicate, defile, hallow, to be or keep holy. (Can mean a place, as well as one’s self)   To prepare, proclaim, purify, sanctify one’s self.  x wholly.

The hard stuff can also harden hearts.  It builds walls up faster than any master bricklayer to keep the pain out.  To prevent the hurt from creeping in.  But if we harden ourselves, and build walls around our hearts against the risk of hurt, we also harden ourselves to love.  To experiencing a full, complete, whole life.  To experience a holy life.

If we were created by holiness to be holy, if this is our true nature, to truly be, and not to just exist, we must be made and kept.  Think of an artisan, a creator, a glass-blower.  Fire, heat, and pressure, must be applied in the making of beautiful breath-taking sculpture or vessel.  He starts with ordinary pieces of glass and in the process of firing, applying the heat, stretching, in the making, the glass becomes malleable, shapeable.  The artist/creator can then design from the fire, beauty. What started as an ordinary piece of glass, has now become extraordinarily perfected art.

In this keeping, making, refining, and re-making, in living this life, we are coming closer to being whole, being perfected, being created.  Perfected not in the sense of “Perfect”, but in the way of coming into who we were artfully created to be as unique, individual, creative, beautiful spiritual beings.  Coming closer to whole, closer to holy. 

Coming closer to God.

In order to be whole, or holy, we must open ourselves, tear down the walls, and become vulnerable.  Vulnerable is a scary word.  Especially in this American perspective of toughness, in a sense of being untouchable, and undefeated.  In a culture that says we must all be superheros.  We are taught that we cannot and should not show weakness.  Yet, in that very weakness lies our strength.  Vulnerability is not our kryptonite.  Vulnerability is our passkey to connection.  It is the open door to our hearts.  It is where we are met at the feet of Jesus, and the souls of others.  It is in the bending down, and washing of feet that we come to holy, that we come to ourselves.  Where we meet heart to heart, soul to soul.  Vulnerability is where we started in this world.  There is nothing more vulnerable than a naked, fresh with eternity newborn soul.  There is also nothing more beautiful and more holy.

To experience this birthplace of holy, to truly be and not to just exist, to experience God, to essentially experience great love and joy, we must meet in naked tenderness to be wholehearted, to live a whole life.

To be holy is to be  or made whole.

It amazes to imagine that we all have the potential to be holy, to live holy lives, by choosing wholehearted living.