Holy is there

You may be wondering what all this wholehearted, spiritual mumbo jumbo has to do with homesteading.

Let me explain.

It is in the everyday ordinary, in the simplifying, in the refining of priorities that I find peace.

That I feel God.

There is a spiritual current that runs deep in living and working close to the land.  Close to those you love deeply.  The experience magnifies and colors become prismatic as dirty dishes are washed, fresh raw milk is procured, soil is tilled and seed is planted.  Fertile ground of souls are becoming exposed in the act of homesteading, in the art of intentional living.

Holy is there in each sunrise over coffee with my man.

Holy is there in wiping the tears, and soothing frustrations of budding men.

Holy is there shoveling the manure, seeing the shit turn into golden nourishment for roots, providing stimulation for growth.

Holy is there in the quiet corners of day.  In the cyclical rhythms that dance days joyful.

Holy is there in the barn where new life springs forth.

Holy is there around the supper table in the joining of hands, in the grace.

Holy is there when tired bodies and weary souls find each other between the sheets.

Holy is there in the woods, the drip drop song of sap singing its way into buckets.

Holy is there in fields where others have walked before discovering the sacred connection between God and land.

Holy is there in the kitchen rising up yeasty, fresh, delicious.  Providing daily bread.

Holy is there in the whispers of prayers said in darkness.

Holy is there in the hurt, in the moment life leaves behind.

Holy is there in the hope, nest full, fertile promise of warm eggs.

Holy is there in the garden seeds planted in faith.

Holy is there in the tired, in the back-weary dirt under nails satisfaction of providing with own hands from own land.

Holy is there in the every.day.ordinary.

Holy is there.  In the simple, in the moment, in the letting go.

Homesteading, living a simple life, intentional life meets you with Holy.  Meets you on your knees in fresh tilled dirt.  Meets you right where you are at, each and every day.



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