The Best Kept Kitchen Secret–Ever.

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Don’t tell!!!!  Close the curtains and lock the door!  You are about to hear the best kept kitchen secret—-EVER!!!!!  This is the most guarded professional chef kitchen secret in the world…..Well maybe not quite, but it is really a breakthrough for this homestead kitchen!

The Perfect HardBoiled Egg!!!!

Which is really not boiled at all!  Who could’ve guessed??!!  Drumroll Please….

Steam Em!!!

Yep, you heard me right….STEAM!  It can’t get much simpler.  No more cracked eggs or green around edges yolks.  No more pitted ugly impossible to peel endlessly frustrating eggs.  Only perfect beautiful sexy smooth eggs.

TAH-DAH!  It’s like magic.

Here’s all you have to do.

Gather fresh eggs from the coop.

Gently wash your beautiful eggs.

Smile.  A little smile knowing you know the secret….

Place eggs into a pot outfitted with a colander or steam basket.

Fill with water just up to the bottom of the eggs, not over the top of.

Bring water to a boil beneath the eggs.

Place lid on pot, turn down the heat so that you can maintain the steam, but not boil the pot dry. (Med-low heat)

Set timer for 20 min.

Do a little happy dance while you wait….or type a blog post…or both….your choice…

Immerse eggs in cold water to stop the cooking process and cool them down.

Allow to cool and peel!

Marvel at how amazingly simple it is to peel a fresh from the coop egg!  Feel free to un-boil (steam) your eggs daily!!! 🙂

Thanks to Mindie from The (mis)Adventures of a BornAgain Farm Girl for sharing the secret!  Visit her blog here.

I am forever greatful!