A Marvelous Season

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As a wonderful season draws to a close, I stand amazed at the heaps of merciful blessings it has brought to us. The Farmer’s Market was an outstanding addition to our Homestead life! It was a great family experience. If you have not yet joined a market, I encourage you to do so next season! I could have never imagined the joy that it added to our weekly routine.

I had contemplated joining the market for years, but had not yet stepped out to do it. Sometimes it takes an act of boldness and bravery to motivate a homesteader out of their comfort zone. (Oh, wait! Maybe that’s just me?!!) Stepping out was met with more than just financial compensation. It was a wonderful experience to join the community of makers, bakers, and growers.  It was deeply endearing to interact with all the “regular” customers at the market, bringing with them joy in their participation of it all.  It was a blessed season of sharing, bonding, and mingling with like-minded individuals.

I am still reveling in gratitude for a marvelous season. A hearty homestead ‘Thanks’ to all of you local, loyal customers, and we look forward with joy and anticipation for next year!