“Count your blessings.”

Isn’t that always what Grandma would say?

Why then, is it so easy to forget?!

For nearly every school day last year, the kids and I did exactly that.

We counted.


One at a time.

It’s amazing how fast they add up, if you are looking with hearts and eyes wide open.

We etched our hearts on post-its, and stuck them on the window next to the kitchen table where we do school. One by one, the blessings appeared on pastel colored paper, gently reminding us of what is important, coloring our world, opening our eyes, allowing us to see.


The window transformed from an old painted shut window that wouldn’t open, to a stained glass cathedral beauty where sunshine and love streamed in daily.  Amazing how love can change something broken and ugly into a beautiful work of art.  Or shall we say, ‘work of heart.’


It never ceased to amaze what those little hearts were counting.


From the simple moments,


….to deeper awareness, counting blessings filled hearts and days.


It is an amazing way to start the day.

Morning ritual, coffee and blessings as light fills the room.  The sun rises anew, as hearts open fresh.  A chance for a new beginning; every blessing counted.

I encourage you to start your own list of blessings. Count them out in a journal, count them out loud, count on tiny pieces of paper, or on a large craft roll, count them any way you like, just count.

One. At. A. Time.

You will be amazed.

You will be changed.

Your heart will be touched.

Start a family project for a new year, a year of blessings.

Resolve to open to your blessings, to count them, open eyes and hearts to them…to live them.