A Letter for Mamas

Dearest Mama,

You are beautiful.

Even with bags under your eyes.  Perhaps more so, because we know that your tireless hands and heart work overtime, doing for those you love.

We know you do, love us that is.

We can tell it in the way that you stay up late to prepare for the next day.

The way that there is always a hot meal on the table, or bubbling away in the kitchen.

The way that there are fresh undies in drawers and socks in the washer.

The way the last minute school projects are finished with patience and a smile.

The way the homework gets done, even when we don’t want to.

The way that you say ‘no’ to things that are not in our best interest.

The way that you read us stories, build legos, play outside and run barefoot in the grass.

The way that you make snow angels in winter says that love really is all that matters, not test scores, or sports scores.

We love that you teach us, that you listen to us when we speak, that our opinions matter.

We love when you get the giggles for no reason, and none of us can stop laughing.

We love your touch, your soft soothing voice, your words of encouragement.

We love that we are superheros in your eyes.

But most of all we just love you.

Plain and simple.

We love who you are when no one else is looking.  We love you at your best, and we love you when you think you are at your worst.

We love you for you.

So let your light shine mama, we are watching, and learning how to let our light shine too.


Your Kids