Simple Things

Its the simple things in life that sometimes go unnoticed or unappreciated.

Like indoor flushing toilets for example.  We use it everyday…how often do we stop to give thanks for a functioning septic system?!

Today I give thanks for our outhouse.

Although it is not a warm, and flushing system, I am forever grateful that we have an outdoor biffy for back-up emergency situations.  Like a frozen septic system.  The lack of snow cover in our area and one too many waaaay below zero cold snaps, creates the  perfect storm situation for frozen drain fields, pipes, etc.

Now, do not be concerned dear readers, this could be much worse.  If we did not have the outdoor biffy, we would be washing buckets for our family of six.  Puts things into a little better perspective…don’t ya think?!!! 😉

In all honesty, I like the biffy.  It is quiet, has a nice view overlooking the yard and the chicken coop.  The birds will serenade you while you go about your business, and absolutely nobody is pounding on the door wanting to come in!!!! All in all, it is a pretty peaceful experience.  We use the biffy quite a lot in the warmer months, it makes it easy to not have to slip off boots, or come in from outside when we are working in the summer.  Winter biffy use is a whole other experience.  Bundling up to use the bathroom, takes planning, care and a bit of forethought.  And also some quick steps down the snow-packed path….When you are putting on extra long underwear to use the toilet, you really just have to stop and giggle at the irony.  The bite of -25 degrees can really get the blood pumping and the business done in a hurry, wanting above all costs to avoid frostbite on the unmentionables!!!!

All kidding aside, our situation is very short term.  It appears that only our drain field is frozen, and not the pipes, so as soon as it warms up enough that we can pry the frozen lid off the septic tank, we can get it pumped. So please don’t worry about us, we take this in stride as part of our homesteading adventures.  SO, for a few days we may have frosty cheeks, but all is well, we are grateful to live a simple and honest life, and the sun shall warm us up again, this is after all, Northern Minnesota folks!

So today, I give thanks for the simple things….like an outdoor biffy.