Just Breathe


I can begin to exhale.

Hello folks, I have missed you.

I took a very unexpected blogging hiatus, never expecting it to last this long!  Let me just say, that growing a child, cultivating a soul, a constant weeding and watering, pouring your heart into another and watching them bloom and produce fruit of their own selves is quite a thing.  As many of you know we have four boys, ages ranging now from 11-19.  Graduating our eldest son, Caleb, our first-born babe, our first sprout, our first hatchling, last spring was quite a thing.


Let me just start out by saying Caleb is doing great!  Living fully, embracing dreams, and climbing mountains, exactly what he is meant to be doing.

Mama on the other hand, has been climbing her own mountains.  We all have.

No one talks about the firstborn taking flight from the nest, I guess you could say it caught us a bit off guard when our first hatchling sprouted feathers and flew.  One invests so much time and energy in the hatching, nesting, and growing, you don’t realize that the time is NOW, when it comes.   It’s taken some doing to catch our breath as we have watched him leap onto the edge of the nest, fully expand his newly found wings, and dive head long into flight.

whew.  A mama catches and holds breath for a while as she watches her fledgling flyer learn to glide and navigate wind current.  He may dip, he may lose a little control, but the wings ever expand and elevate the new flyer back up.  He is learning to trust and strengthen those new wings.

Brings a mama to her knees more times than she wants to admit.  We get to learn to trust and strengthen our own wings alongside, albeit, nest-bound, our new flyer.  We get to keep the nest warm and eye on horizon, looking out for that speck in the sky, a sign that those soaring with eagles may need a perch, even for a moment, to always have a soft place to land, a safe-haven for when our new flyer needs a rest.  Embrace the soaring and also the need to connect heart to heart for a quick shot of respite.

All this is not to say that life has stopped around here.

Oh no, no, no-siree, quite the opposite, really.

It feels as if all of living has been thrown into hyper-speed, trees whizzing by blurry, wind rushing through hair flying out behind as if we have toppled from the nest, unwittingly, not realizing that not only can we fly, but we NEED to fly!


The urgency is immediate.

SPREAD YOUR WINGS, the ground is coming up fast!!!!

Amazing how one forgets to unfurl our own wings until it becomes necessary.  We all can, and we all shall, unfurl the graceful beauty of forgotten wings.  Trust the wind current will catch and carry us all up into clear blue skies where we will soar with eagles over mountains.

And exhale, it’s time to just breathe.