Abundant Living


Homesteading is a daily lesson in abundance.  I have been thinking about, meditating on, and thanking God for the abundance in our life, and the healing that diving deeper into homesteading has brought to our family.  I have a deep peace beyond words that fills me when I explore our abundant lifestyle and what that means to me.  We have and continue to simplify, streamline, and reduce what we consume, and also what it takes to support our consumption.  In short, the more I let go of, the more I find I have.  We are healing ourselves, our family, our lifestyle, and the earth as we continue a deeper journey into an abundant homesteading life.

I have let go of things that are no longer serving me.  I have released fear and perfection to allow space for  joy.  I embrace freely, love deeply, and create with my family the life we want to live.

wild childs
When we began homeschooling almost 3 years ago, we created a family mission statement.

“To Learn about Life, 

Grow together, 

Love one another,

find Joy &

Create the Life we want to live.”

Little did I know that those few simple words could change the way our family lives.  Words have power.  Our family mantra/mission statement has been printed on the wall in the center of our home for nearly 3 years, right next to our family dinner table where we gather and give thanks at least three times daily.

In that short, short time we have Grown.

We have Learned so much about each other, and also what exactly it is we want from this one glorious life we have been gifted with.

We have found Joy.

And we are creating, daily, with clarity the Life we want to live.

Oh, the power of intention.

The abundance that has come from our commitment to our homestead and family is overwhelming and sends streams of joyful rivers down my face.   The beautiful bowls of eggs that come in from the coop, can get ahead of a girl, as well as the harvest of garden bounty.  There are days that I cannot keep up to the abundance, and the kids are tired of eating eggs.  Sap overflows buckets and firewood chopping chores are abudant to keep up, kids fight, mama tries to keep peace and sanity, my hardworking man puts in long hours after his 40 hour workweek burning the midnight oil, pouring into us, our homestead, our family, but the overarching cover of grace reminds us in every abundant moment is joy, is us.

This is the life we have created together,

This is Abundant Living.