Food Revolution

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There is an awakening happening.  Many of us are becoming more and more aware that our industrial food industry is not the best choice for optimal health for both us and the planet.  The 2016 Food Revolution Summit is a manifestation of a global awakening.  This year’s summit has broken all previous records for registration, there are over 2oo,ooo people already registered to partake.


The good news is that you can participate too!!!  The 2016 Food Revolution Summit is a free online educational modality bringing world renowned speakers into the comfort and conveneince of your own home.  The purpose of the Food Revolution Summit is to empower, educate and inspire folks like me and you about our connections to the food we consume, the planet we inhabit, and the quality of life that we want to live.

I am excited to be a part of the Food Revolution Summit, as food is something that I am completely passionate about. I love to eat, but what if we flip that around and say, I eat to love. Eating beautiful organic homegrown food provides lots of love on many different levels. Being a homesteader, organic gardener, a bit of a foodie, and a mama, I want to be informed and inspired, because let’s be honest folks, sometimes in the middle of planting season, weeding season, and harvest season a girl can use a little inspiration!  As much as I love the work, and find joy in the process it is always nice to get a little positive affirmation that our homesteading lifestyle is truly helping us to create the abundant life that we want to live.

I am sharing a few links below to help you to decide if the 2016 Food Revolution Summit is a good fit for you and your family to become educated, informed, and inspired along the path to manifesting the life, health, and vitality that you want to create. The summit starts tomorrow, April  30, and will continue through to May 8.  Be sure to check it out, who knows, maybe this is the inspiration you have been looking for!