Makin’ Do


When life gives you lemons are you gonna make lemonade? That was my question the other day, as I was on the verge of making nearly 400 mini cheesecakes for a friend’s sons’ grad party, and discovered that my kitchen sink would no longer drain– at.all.

Sink full of mucky water wishfully left to drain slowly overnight with the remnants of last night’s supper dishes strewn over table and countertop, is not my favorite way to start the day.  A stiff cuppa coffee in, plunger in hand and hope in heart; I was ready to get after it.

Unfortunately the plumbing did not feel as motivated as I did.  No luck meant no functioning kitchen sink for a big workday.


There may have been a few other choice words lingering in my mind, but fortunately I recovered quickly, grabbed my enamelware dishpans from their place on the kitchen wall, hanging handy at the ready by the backdoor to easily grab for garden endeavors, and headed out the backdoor to the picnic table.

With a smile on my face and hope once again in my heart, I cheerily relayed to the boys, that it will be just like camping!  Washing dishes outside in the late spring sunshine, was a brilliant idea.  I employed the troops, or perhaps the troopers, to help me haul every dirty dish, pan, plate, fork, and cup out to the picnic table, and set up a temporary outdoor kitchen.


Makin’ Do is something that many a homesteader and pioneer experienced on a regular, sometimes daily basis.  It was and is a part of life.  More so for some, than others.  Makin’ do is a choice.  You can choose to make the best and most from each situation, or you can waste time and energy wishing for, and whiling away about what you don’t have.  In this case, a functioning kitchen sink.


I choose to make do with what I have.  My grandparents and parents chose to ‘make do’ also, and it served their generations well.  It builds character, creativity, a positive attitude, and a resiliant, joyful spirit.  It’s not about the latest and greatest, it’s not even about having what you think you need.  Sometimes in the creativity of makin’ do, something else is birthed through, something that is even better than what you had before, that would have never come into existence had not the occasion arose for a need.

Makin’ Do and washing dishes out in the warm sunshine under the oak tree with birds singing and serenading, chickens clucking merrily nearby, and toes swaddled in cool grass was just the tonic for a busy mama’s heart.  I relaxed, and joked with the boys that we may make this a new summer routine on the homestead, because let’s face it, everything is more fun outside.  They agreed that seems to hold true even with washing dishes.


So for now, until we have all plumbing issues resolved, I wash in my enamelware, either inside or out, depending upon the weather, finding deep joy in the process of makin’ do.

Lemonade it is.

And the cheesecakes were fabulous!!!