It’s Strawberry Season!

It’s official!  Strawberry Season on the homestead is here!!!  We have picked our first bright juicy fruits from the patch that are bursting with taste-bud party inducing flavor.  All of a sudden it feels like summer.  Nothing tastes more like summer than a sunshine-warm strawberry picked straight from the plant and popped directly onto your tongue.



There are so many ways I love to eat strawberries, most of them simple to celebrate the taste that is uniquely strawberry.  I love them fresh-picked, of course, but also simply quartered with a splash of keifer, or homemade almond milk.  Toasted almonds also top this beautiful little dish perfectly.  Makes a perfect summer breakfast.

Another of our family’s favorite way to enjoy strawberries is to muddle them with some chopped chocolate mint, and just a sprinkle of maple sugar to marry the herb and berry.  The boys LOVE this over a humble dish of homemade vanilla ice cream.  YUM!


Simple Goodness

Making Raw Strawberry Jam is my favorite preservation technique for strawberries on the homestead.  Preserving them in this way, allows you to maintain the most abudant nutrients available in the berry, rather than making a cooked jam.  Opening a jar on a cold, blustery January morning, takes the sting out of the winter blues.  See my recipe for my homemade jam here.



I have been holding onto this recipe for Strawberry Almond Milk waiting for my berries to be in season.  It looks soooo yummy!  I am soaking almonds tonight for a breakfast treat tomorrow!!!!  I can’t wait for the sweet, creamy goodness!

What a beautiful way to start the day!