Strawberry Almond Milk


Oh my Heavens!!!!!!

I wanted to give you a quick little update on the Strawberry Almond Milk Recipe I have anxiously been saving with a bookmark here on the homestead, until my strawberry patch was bountiful.

All I can say is,



Seriously though, Strawberry Almond Milk is everything I dreamed it would be.  Smooth, creamy, dreamy strawberry-ness, with a kiss of sweet, mmmmmmm.  The boys loved it.  My hardworkin’ hubby thought it was divine.  The beautiful pink tint is a colorful celebration of all that is good and lovely.

I made it pretty much to the recipe, using our homemade maple syrup to taste, a splash of vanilla, and a tich more strawberries than the recommended fifteen.  Oh, let’s say about 20.  My homegrown strawberries are not as big as the store-bought hybrids, so if you are not sure, I always say more is more.  And in this case it truly was.

And just in case you have not made your own artisanal almond milk at home yet, here is the link to my post on making almond milk in your own kitchen.  Yes, it is worth it.  Yes, you are worth it.  No, it doesn’t take a ton of time and energy.  Go for it, you will have no regrets, other than not having made it before.  Ditch the store-bought stuff, it’s not worth the time and energy invested, it is full of fillers, and preservatives, and minimal nutritional value.  Homemade is good.  It is worth it.  You are worth it.

And Amen.
P.S.  I just noticed at the bottom of the Strawberry Almond Milk Recipe is says:  Prep time 60 min.  Don’t let that scare you away.  I’m not sure what is being included in prep time here, but it takes me nowhere near 60 min to make almond milk.  Try 10 min.  Or less.  In the morning when it’ s ready to blend, and it takes me about 3o seconds to get the almonds soaking the night before.  Much less time than going to the store to buy some!