Making Mojitos


Happy August Everyone!

In celebration of being deep into summer, I thought I would share our favorite afternoon refreshment, Mojitos! (Non-alcoholic, of course). Nothing beats an icy glass of minty cold, slightly sweet, with a twist of lime to beat the heat.  This herbal limeade is cool and refreshing, getting you though the long, blustery, dog days of summer.


Mixed by the glass or pitcher, it is faithfully ready to cool you down after the hottest of chores.  Mojitos can be made with either evaporated cane juice, or maple syrup, my new favorite.  Some people like to use a simple syrup, but I appreciate the no-prep method of either the evaporated cane juice, which gives a fun, slightly grainy texture to lick from lips, or the hint of maple.


The kids like it sweetened both ways, and the muddling is their favorite part of the process.  It is simple to make and deeply refreshing.  Mojitos are best enjoyed in the porch rocker, dappled by shade, after a long, hot day in the sun.



The Homestead Mojito

By the glass

Tall Jelly Jar, (12 oz), or Wide Mouth Pint Jar

1/2 lime

6-8 mint leaves

2-3 teaspoons or evaporated cane juice, or maple syrup

1 1/2 c. Ice cubes, or crushed ice

1 c. Club Soda, (or enough to top off the jar)*

To prepare lime:  Cut in half, quarter and cut into thin slices.  Put into bottom of jar.

Add 6-8  mint leaves, and sugar or maple syrup over top of limes.

Muddle with the wrong end of a large and sturdy wooden spoon to release the fragrant oils from both mint and lime, and to incorporate the sugars.  I usually let the kids do this part, because they love crushing up the lime, mint and sugar together.

Once well muddled, fill the jar all the way up with ice.

Pour club soda over top of all, give it a little stir, rub mint on the rim of the jar, and garnish with lime and an extra sprig of mint on top.

Find some shade to sip and enjoy!

*If you would like to make this an alcoholic drink, pour 1 1/2 oz. of white rum over ice, top with club soda.