Letting Go


The Sky broke Crimson in the evening, with wisps of golden light illuminating the pasture.  Purple blooms glowed softly alongside brilliant gold, warm ivory, and a full spectrum of green played amongst the ground, whispering in the wind a gentle embrace rising up from the earth to cradle a tender heart.   I knelt close next to my beloved friend as I whispered a soft good-bye.  I caressed her neck one last time allowing the wave of emotion to wash over me.  It was just me and her, as it was most always, in the quiet, bathed in soft light, enveloped in the golden hour.  Quite fitting really, for saying good-bye to Coco, as we usually met this way.  In the morning light with dew glistening for milking, and at the day’s end when the light is lingering long and soft.

I understand deeply the cyclical journey of nature, and to partake of the journey at heart level is a gift.  The beginning as well as the ending of life is a sacred passage, privilege to few.  I am honored that Coco chose me to accompany her, to allow her what she needed to fulfill both her heart and mine in the process of letting go.

Letting go, is no such easy task, her of her time here, and me of my time with her.  It feels too soon, too raw, to open hands and release life.  Yet, we are left without a choice.  We have the opportunity to allow ourselves the openness of letting go, or we close fists and fight to hang on to whatever bits and scraps we can hang onto, closing ourselves off to the gift of releasing.

I choose to let go with love.

I choose to open my heart thankful for the joy and learning that we experienced together, Coco and I.  I am blessed and enriched, for the living, as well as the sacred embrace of letting go.  I am allowing myself to grieve the loss of a beautiful animal spirit, while also opening, awakening to the potential, the space in my heart made for the gifts to come.