About: Me

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Time spent in gardens and barns reminds me deeply of who I am.  Nurturing seeds, encouraging growth, gently allowing the season to unfold before my eyes in the garden brings joy with the arrival of each new, in season fruit, veggie, or herb.  The sweet nuzzle of Ms. Coco during the morning milking mingling with the smells of fresh manure and sweet feed connect me to the roots of what feeds my soul.  Working with my hands, creating this life for myself and my family, homegrown, heart-lead, and pioneering our way through each and every day, helps me to remember to stay connected, to choose wisely my thoughts and actions, and live freely and intentionally.  I thought perhaps maybe it is time to update my about page, and reveal a bit more of the “me” behind the keyboard.

It is hard to speak truth about your own self.  Even if the truth is good, maybe especially if the truth is good.  It is not easy to bare your soul and expose your heart, hoping that other’s will understand, or at the very least, not chastise.  Perhaps it is age, or maybe even a little wisdom seeping in around edges, however, more than likely, it is an allowing of myself to let go of fears of acceptance, and allow me to be seen more fully and truthfully–a peek into the mirror of my soul, the person whom I was created to be.   I am compelled to tear back the veil, and begin to allow others to know my truth.  It is my hope and intention, that in the sharing of myself, my story, and my family, that others will become emboldened to rise up and live the life they feel called to.  An authentic, purposeful life, that by just living it, will inspire others to seek their own true north, and empower each individual to live their personal truth.

It is reality that there are dust bunnies under my couch, and stinging nettle growing by the front steps.  The weeds are high in the garden, and the chicken coop needs cleaning.  Life is dirty, gritty, and sometimes just plain hard.  There are beautiful, perfect moments, to help balance the imperfect ugly of others.  There are seasons that reflect both the joy and the struggle of growing, loving, and living.

But at the root of it all is truth, this living, the plain ol’ doin’ the best you can in the moment, or season of life.  Tilling fertile soil of children and family, planting seeds, nurturing through the dirt, the rain, the sunshine, and the wind takes grit and heart.  There is everyday growth that helps us become the best version of who we are, that elevates us into clarity, revealing our purpose, our passions, our creative way that we choose to live this gift of a life.

My intention is to use this space to share, inspire and empower others by telling my story.  The story of who I am.  The story of our pioneering journey as a family, back to the homestead, back to home, back to our hearts, and the roots of who we are, and what kind of life we desire to live, has been elemental in creating, living, and expressing our truth as individuals, a couple, and a family.  It is our God-given calling to live simply, love deeply, and dare boldly to create a life filled with joy and each other, which has taken us out of mainstream-keeping-up-with-the-jones’ living, and back to the land, back to basics, back to each other.