The Accidental Food Activist


So, I never set out to be an influencer.  Only a homestead mama sharing the joy.  However, sometimes, somewhere along the way, purpose finds you.  You can choose to step into the moment, lean in hard and listen good, or you can shrink back and shy away from it.

One choice will feel right, good, like it was meant to be, even if while  beginning to share your authenticity, your truth, you may feel uncomfortable,vulnerable even.  Little beautiful moments light the way to allow you to know that you are on the right path, that you are helping, empowering and uplifting others in your own brave kind of bold.  While the other path of not stepping forward in faith will just be uncomfortable.

So here we are friends, me stepping out, faithfully hopeful that my brave sharing in this space continues to uplift and empower each of you to step into your own kind of brave bold.

Life sometimes has a way, God, has a way, to take little moments of broken and turn them into brave.  Turn them into bold.  Refine and polish while you are busy living, so that when you pause to turn back over your shoulder, reflect on the time gone by, you see how that broken was used to make you brave, to embolden you to step onto a path you didn’t even see you were following, until now.


Our homestead is my brave bold.  We arrived here a bit accidentally, a bit by default, or so I thought, but in reflection I can see a very intentional life.  Created by us, although sometimes out of necessity, or out of what felt like extenuating circumstances. However, now I see perhaps it was just opportunity.  Opportunity to step onto the path that uplifts, or to choose to stay stuck in the muck, so to speak.

Our Artisan Kitchen is my brave bold.  Embracing whole nourishing food, seasonal eating, traditionally prepared, holistic, God-given food straight from the garden has been nothing but beautiful.  Hard, yes, sometimes, but still beautiful.  It has been a slow awakening, an evolution along the way, created by us, but influenced by this gift of a life that we have been given.  In the beginning, we planted the garden from one part passion to feed our babies good, nutrient packed food, and one part necessity.  We couldn’t afford the options from the grocery store.  We were young and in love with each other and our growing family.

Looking back, I had no idea how passionate I would become about providing whole, nourishing, honest food for my family.  I also had no idea how industry would change our view of what that meant.  I never knew it would propel me headlong onto a path of growing and raising,  creative, simple, beautiful food for our family table.  I never knew I would become an accidental food activist.

What I do know now, is that there is a difference between wholesome nourishing food, prepared in a traditional and loving way, and prepackaged, industry prepared food.  Real, holistic food as God intended it to be.  Simple, honest, and beautiful. Food that doesn’t need fancy colors or additives to elevate and nourish you and your family.

It is the food itself that brings us together, creates connection, gathering hearts around the family table, satiating both body and soul.  Cooking and creating simple satisfying food, with love, for yourself and your family is a gift that brings you together in the kitchen, in the garden, or in the coop, celebrating life, and working through the muck.

It’s just all so good.

Whether you grow ‘yer own, or source your food from farmer’s markets, homesteaders, neighbors, or others, really doesn’t matter.  What matters is that you take the time to connect, to cook, to open yourself to the possibility, that yes, you can do this–you can create beautiful nourishing food for yourself and for your family.  I want to embolden you to take that step, take my hand, friend, and walk into your kitchen, welcome yourself with a latte or a glass of wine, and create something simple, something honest, something pure, and something good.

Keep it simple.  Find passion and joy in the sourcing of ingredients, whether you gather in the garden, the market, or the store.  Look for the beauty, and don’t be afraid to try something new.  Grilled cheese maybe?  A seasonal twist perhaps, of cheddar and apples with a little spinach topped by a slathering of Dijon?  Go to the bakery for your handmade bread, or try a new recipe, do something out of the ordinary.  Make it an event, a joyful occasion to gather, rather than a dreaded chore of shopping, or harvesting from the garden.

Make something to share, whether it’s with co-workers, or dropped by the neighbors. The sharing creates connection, brings joy in the giving of yourself to others.


It is my hope and purpose in sharing here, that you will take your own leap of faith, your own kind of brave bold, to start where you are, gather in your kitchen with friends and family around a heap of fresh greens, veggies,  and other beautiful whole foods, to enjoy the process of creating your own artisan meal and memories.  And yes, a salad counts!

Perhaps, before you know it, your passion and confidence may grow you into an accidental food activist as well!

Eat well.  Be well.