My Favorite Green Drink Recipe


Morning dawned bright and crisp, a day promising to blossom into a beautiful gift.  I woke, like several other mornings this week, craving my favorite green drink.  Listening to the wisdom of my body, I rose to get out the blender and greens to prepare the smooth and tangy breakfast beverage.  Nurturing one’s self with a green drink is a gift that gives back dividends in energy, vibrancy, smooth, clear skin, and a balanced sense of wellbeing.


Green drinks are robust and satisfying and a fabulous addition to the rhythms of your day.  I like to make a blender full, so I have one drink for morning and one for the afternoon.  This keeps me on the level as the day progresses, and keeps me from making any hasty, hangry decisions throughout my day.


The allure of the sun drew me outside, as we haven’t been blessed with it’s presence much of late.  The cold, wet dew on the grass was at once invigorating and numbing to my toes.  The wet leaves clung to my damp feet, but it felt so good to be barefoot again, feet devoid of wool, if only for a few minutes.  I lingered as long as I could, but eventually went back for a pair of clogs to slip on my bare feet.


The woods were calling to me, whispering sweet nothings of sunshine and green moss, so I took my breakfast along for a walk.  The leaves on the wooded trails danced in the sunlight, although thoroughly browned, they were still vibrant in the light.  The moss completely electric in the sunlight filled my senses with awestruck wonder at the beauty of the moment.  The vivid contrast between the greens and browns did not leave one for wanting more.  The birds were busy working on the pinecones of the wooded floor.

Chick a dee dee dee

One call after another, working in pairs, a lively raucous bunch, they would call back and forth to each other.  I can only imagine what a glorious conversation they were having in the morning light.



My Favorite Green Drink Recipe

1 unripe banana, sliced

1 green apple cored, and quartered

1 cup packed spinach

1 cup packed romaine, chopped

1 cup celery, cut into one inch pieces

juice of two lemons

1 cup cold water

1 Tablespoon maple syrup, optional

Add all to blender jar, blend on high for 2 minutes, pour and enjoy!