When One Woman Heals

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“Every woman who heals herself helps heal all the women who came before her and all those who will come after.”


Wood smoke puffs thick gray from the chimney stack outside the window on the homestead this morning.  Frost gently graces ground as roosters crow their morning song in the first glow of dawn, a new day rising.  I find peaceful comfort today as I embrace this healing journey I am on.  I find that the quest to heal my physical body, has brought me deep within my own soul.  Down into the roots of my heart, where I have not chosen to look, or felt the awareness of need to pay attention.  But from roots grow the fruit of our lives, and when the roots buried deep in the darkness are not thriving, then neither is the fruit.

I never expected a revolution in my own soul to take place when I devoted to uncovering why I wasn’t feeling well physically.  This gentle journey into love, healing, nurturing my own self has awakened in me the fact that when one woman heals, she heals the collective souls that she loves, and that love continues to flow freely out into every corner and aspect of life, into wholeness.  Bringing myself back into balance, into alignment, has allowed me to bring my family back into wholeness, into love.  The love I so desperately could feel mingling around edges, with the depth constantly slipping away into ether.  Wisps of love whispering, I am here, I am waiting for you.

Open to me, heal, love yourself dear one.

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The comfort, the deep peace that has come to me from learning to love and nurture myself in new ways has opened rivers of depth to gently cleanse my soul from old pain, trauma, and scars.

Radical love will do that.

Looking deep within, journeying courageously into the cave of the soul, lovingly navigating with care to explore the inner landscape of one’s heart takes faith.

Takes courage.

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 It requires you to ask for help, to allow yourself to be supported, encouraged, encircled by the loving guidance of the universe.  Opening yourself to divine love, the love that surrounds and supports us, that never leaves us, that is the source of all wellness, all wholeness, all balance, brings us deep healing on every level.  Inviting God’s love to flow freely within the depths of your soul, with the intention of healing, allows space for miracles. When we let go of the past, of the pain, of what is no longer working, and embrace love, radical self-love, miracles happen.

Deep healing happens.

Learning to care for myself, to nurture deeply both my physical body and my soul have lead me into a place I never knew I needed to go, but allowing myself to, has brought the depth of healing that has been waiting for me there, for this moment, for this time.

Removing gluten from my diet was a beginning, a new day dawning, both physically and emotionally.  For me, choosing this path means choosing wellness, choosing healing, choosing love, choosing joy.

Choosing Me.

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On this healing expedition, I have learned, and continue to learn, to stand strong in my devotion to caring for myself, teaching my own self and others that I am worthy of wellness, wholeness, balance, love.

Bringing myself back into alignment with love by nurturing my physical body has also brought balance and alignment into our lives.  When you make love a priority it shows up in every aspect of your life.  Love becomes a natural flow, interwoven into the fiber of your being, the purpose of your heart and hands, expanding and opening to blossom into each breath, each corner, each moment of each day.

Today, I choose to nurture, to love myself deeply, with beautifully made gluten-free sourdough bread.  Slow, loving food made from the heart.