LoveMade Christmas


As darkness slowly gives way to gradual light this morning, the second kettle of the day sends it’s shrill whistle near bursting at the seams, steam and holler permeates the quiet stillness that surrounds.  Snow gently floats from sky above to touch the receiving earth waiting below.  The hens are playing it safe, staying within the confines of the cozy coop, all is calm as peace envelops us in our little snow globe world.


I love this time of year.

The darkness, quiet, candles, and light brightening our evenings, it is a respite from such an abundantly full fall harvest season.  With meat, fruit, vegetables, and dry goods laid by, my heart can now fully open to the winter solstice season.  Welcoming Advent in with heart and hands allows me time and space to open and receive the gifts of the coming Christmas.  Darkness deepens around us so we can prepare for the coming of light again.  This season opens me in ways I never expect.  My heart expands full for those around me, I choose quiet moments, I create peace and light purposefully with thoughtful intention.


Part of that creation for me, is Making.  I have always been a maker, perhaps encouraged and stirred by the women who raised and supported me, creativity is a strong force within my soul.  My mom taught me to knit when I was a child, although my skills haven’t progressed much in 35 years, I still love to knit.  Simple, homey, rustic woolen creations speak love to me.  So I have learned to crochet as a young mama, wanting some instant gratification, slowly, gradually, I improved my skills so I can make lovely things for the loves in my life.


Sewing my own clothes, and those of my babies, has always carried excitement and creative energy, I love the process; from the blossoming of idea, to the gathering and collecting of the perfect fabric, cutting, piecing, and sewing something to lovingly nurture someone, makes my heart sing.  My Ant Pat recognized my need for creativity as a child, she guided me in the making of my first quilts.  There were from scrap and doll-sized, but I loved every minute of the making of them.  Those precious little quilts gave me the courage I needed to make blankets for my babies, wrapping them in love while they slept.  Needlework has also been calling me back to her gentle bosom.  I cannot count the many embroidery and needle projects I did growing up.  The attention to detail, and the amount of care it takes to garnish a little love onto a daily use item warms my heart.  Hello hand embroidered dish towels.


As you can tell, Making is a part of who I am.  A way to love and nurture those around me who wish to receive a little love, a piece of my heart.  This I want to share with my children, a giving heart, a maker’s, creator’s soul, always looking for a creative way to show love to others.  Whether a handmade creation, a home-baked treat, a meal for those who have not,  something to nurture and warm hearts and souls, that is the idea of a LoveMade Christmas.  A giving of yourself to others in simple, authentic, honest ways.  A devotion of time and energy, simply giving what you have grows an appreciative heart.


It is with love and gratitude that we open ourselves to a LoveMade Christmas this year, returning to the roots of giving away our hearts, one piece at a time.  Choosing simple, honest ways of giving that uplift both giver and receiver.  I want Christmas to be a precious time of family togetherness, and giving of oneself to others for my children as they grow up and choose their own traditions for themselves and their future families.   I want to encourage and support their creativity, their own maker’s hearts as the women in my life supported and encouraged me.  It is not about what you have, but how you give that speaks the language of hearts.