Be the Light


Gently, slowly, softly, light diffuses particulate through snow filters, allowing it to gently recede into stillness, into calm, into peace.  Dark of night comes on gradually enveloping the homestead in soft, inky, reflected light.  Midafternoon fades into eve, and all slows.  Lighting candles brings me joy this time of the season.  It’s as if in the lighting we are joining a procession of light.  Ever present, yet not always seen, flickers and fades, dims perhaps, but still light persists.


Persists in our hearts, in our hands, fills us within, radiating beams into everything we do.  Crystalline clear light flows through us to bring us closer to the joy that is ours to claim.


What brings you joy?


What lights you up?


How do we share our light with others?


Simply by being the light.  Be filled with holy wonder of the season.  Share your heart, your joy, your light with others.  Gather near those hearts that fill you up, that make your light shine more brightly.


Shine on lovely ones, Shine On.