Creating an Intentional Life


What is it that you desire?  What brings you joy?  What would you like to spend more time, and energy on, or what would you love to spend your time doing?  These are some of the questions we should ask of ourselves, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly perhaps as we begin a new cycle again.  Taking regular inventory of where we are right now, in this very moment, and what it is we would like to create, live, and be.

Creating an intentional life does not happen by accident.  It takes time to gain clarity, focus, and purposeful planning to create the space to make the changes that you would like to see and live.

Maybe there is something whispering to you that you would like to do, to pursue.  You have heard the quiet call, your heart and body answers, “YES!”  by lighting up when you think of it, a zing of energy rises up within you and you think, ” THAT would be AWESOME!!!!”

……ah but maybe someday…..

I don’t have time right now.

I don’t have the energy right now.

I don’t have the money right now.

I don’t know how right now.

Maybe when the kids are older.

OOOOooooo, and my personal favorite….what would people think?

And on it goes.

The list of impossibilities that run through your mind, that limit your beliefs, your actions, your potential, your life.


Take a moment to consider how you would feel if you were doing, or taking steps to creating what it is you would like to do.  Let’s remember that when something lights you up and brings you joy it is a part of who you are, and why you are here.  It is a part of your soul’s purpose, your calling, why you are here at such a time as now.

You have something to contribute.  Often it is the case that what we are being called to do, or try, or create, is directly linked to enriching our own lives and the lives of others.  Even if it seems unrelated, or unimportant.


If you are feeling compelled to try a yoga class, it may be calling to you at a soul’s level to help you heal your body so you can have the strength and stamina to pursue your true calling, or you may learn that helping others to heal and rise up to their full potential is something you would love to do.

Homesteading may be calling you.  Learning about what it is that is you value in this lifestyle may help you find a starting place.  Perhaps having access to fresh, organic, Non-GMO food is the catalyst for you.  Plant a garden, or take a class on making fermented foods, and see where that leads.  Learn about raising chickens, sharing fresh eggs with neighbors may create connections that otherwise may not have been realized.

You may have dreamed of being a writer.  Your story, your message, your light is waiting to be shared with the world.  Begin today.  Start a journal, a blog, write daily, devote yourself to the practice of writing.  Join a writer’s circle.  Actively seek your dream.

Maybe that knitting you would like to do will lead you to teach a meditative movement class, or donate hand-knit baby items to those in need. You can nurture yourself and others with woolens made from the heart.

Perhaps you would like to teach.  What is it that you are passionate about?  What would you like to share with others?  Remembering that if you truly want to learn something, teach it.

Is there a new recipe that you would like to try, or new approach to cooking that you would like to learn?  Gather ingredients and gusto, find a class, or a friend to help you on your path, it may nourish you and your family in unexpected ways.

Getting your home organized, cleaned and sorted, leaves you with space and energy to open yourself up to other creative opportunities, a clean slate, a fresh start.

Homeschooling may be whispering to your heart, calling you and your family.  Make a connection with another homeschool mama, and over coffee explore the possibilities that this path may hold for you.

Perhaps it is self-care that is calling to you.  Maybe it is time to prioritize your health and wellbeing and schedule that weekly massage, start a meditation or yoga practice, a spiritual practice, join a church group or a gym, get out in nature, spend time reading, knitting, sewing, or nurturing yourself through cooking.  Make that phone call or meet with a beloved friend for coffee.  When we take time to acknowledge the needs of our own selves, and tend to our souls, rather than over-caffeinate, ignore, and push through until exhaustion or sickness sets in, we have more time and energy to love and care for others, and to create an intentional life.

Creating an intentional life, a purposeful and creative life that fills you up, and allows you to expand and grow takes action steps.


Ask yourself these simple questions.

What calls to me deeply when I am in a quiet space?  What whispers to your heart when you find a calm and quiet space to listen?  Just be clear and open to listen.  What is it that you could do, where could you go, who could you help, how could you serve?

What dream is it time to realize?  No matter how crazy, far flung, or intangible it may seem, taking steps toward that dream is the only way you will live it.

What brings me joy? What Lights me up with energy and enthusiasm?  (Joy is different than momentary happiness and or comfort…Joy is deeper, it comes through you, and connects and aligns you at a soul level.  Joy feels like you have come home.)

Once you are clear on what it is you would like to create in your life, it is time to take action.  Make it a priority.

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Action Steps

What can you do today, right now in this very moment to pursue your creation?  It may be as simple as making a phone call, a connection to open the path to where you would like to go.  Do some research, see what it is you need to do to start.  Transfer money into an account, (even if it is $10 dollars),  designated to realizing your dream or goal.  Find a class.  Start learning.  The important thing is to just breathe and begin.

After you have taken your first step, plan the next.  Carve out a plan to help keep you moving forward toward your goal.  Be intentional.  Schedule time and make it a priority.  Use a planner, an app, or a post it, the important thing is to find a method that works for you to keep you motivated and moving. It is easy to allow other things to take up the time and energy you would like to spend on creating your intentional life, you must create the space for it in your life, the space will not magically appear.

Starting and creating take devotion and a willingness to show up and dedicate yourself to what it is you desire.  Plan a minimum of 10 minutes a day to doing what brings you joy and moves you forward on your path to realizing your goal.  Commit to 21 days, and see where that leads you.  I am willing to bet that in that time, you will have begun to create some unbelievable connections, pathways, feelings of wellbeing and purposeful energy, and be on your way to creating an intentional life.

So friends tell me, in the comments below, how do you plan on creating an intentional life?