Breathing Room


Because we all need a little breathing room.

Some days it’s hard to breathe.  We lose our way, our connection to ourselves in the midst of stress, of the daily to-do’s, in the momentum of living in this fast paced life.  Let’s take the time to s-l-o-w.  Set the intention of slowing our pace, creating an awareness of peace, a quiet center to return to when life pulls you away from your true north, and the beauty of who you are.

Come home to your quiet center, return to basics, return to your breath.  Allow yourself a few moments to connect, get grounded, feel the peace within by nurturing an awareness of your breath.  Peace is accessible to us, anytime, anyplace, all we need do is remember it is there comforting us and surrounding us, invite peace to envelop you as you breathe it in.  Hold peace gently in your center and feel the support radiating out to hold you back.

Breathe Peace.  Be Peace. Peace is within.

I invite you to enjoy this beautiful, gentle guided meditation to nurture peace within your soul.