A New Frontier

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I have often wondered when we have traveled down roads, what it must have felt like to be a pioneer in the days of new territories and lands undiscovered, wagons and horses, families, and critters all traveling together into the unknown promises of it all.  They packed it all up, gave away the extras, made provisions for people and animals, prayed over their journey, and then one day they loaded the wagon and started out.

Hearts full of the unknown, brimming promises of new beginnings, prosperous perspectives, faith that this is the way that they should go.  A path less traveled, but nonetheless they started out.  Looking for faint wagon tracks in the dust.  Whole families all in it together. All following a leading of heart, a whisper of God’s goodness, a promise of a new frontier.  Bonded together through thick and thin, not knowing exactly what they would encounter along the trail, but still they started out.

Today is that day for our family.

We are starting out.  The wagon has been packed, provisions made, prayers spoken, hopes and new frontier dreams brim our hearts.  Side by side, and hand in hand we will be making the journey.  All in for the long haul.  We don’t know quite yet what this new frontier will hold, this virgin territory of our lives, but we trust in God’s goodness that this is the way we should travel.

What this means for our happy little homestead is not quite clear, but is beginning with a new frontier.


We have been keeping a little secret.  Nurturing the seed of an idea, that has been incubating quietly in our hearts.  We have been leaning in, learning, and taking inventory on what is really and truly important in our lives, and where our loyalties lie.  We have been talking more and more about what it is we believe, who we are, and who we are called to be.  We are beginning to see more clearly through the thicket, the path that is lying before us.

Prayers have been said, hearts have been sought, and wisdom searched for in the still moments.  This one glorious and beautiful life that we have been gifted with should be lived with intentional, meaningful, heart-filled work as we prepare to take the next steps in a new beginning for our lives, and also on this blog site.  It is a time of high creativity, love, excitement, yet also some trepidation.  What if we put it all out there only to be returned by blank stares and the chirp of a rogue cricket????

Faith is where we are at.

We are trusting the small quiet whispers of angels in our hearts, that this is the direction we should go.  We cannot see the outcome, but know in our hearts and our guts that this new beginning is where we must start.  Our home is changing.  With one child flown from our little cocoon nest the reality of this next season of life came with a sharp wind of change.

Our time here is never as long as it seems, and all the tomorrows seem so distant, yet the reality of it is, today is what matters.  All the plans and good intentions in the world matter not what the gift of today brings.  We love that our eldest child is independent, spreading his wings ready to soar, but it all caught us a little by surprise that the time, the whole of 18 years, could actually pass in a blink of a moment.


So here we stand, my man and I, hand in hand, brimming hearts and burning gaze peering out over the horizon, wondering much like pioneers on the verge of a new frontier, where do we go from here….?

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The answer is forward, as we cannot turn back now, we’ve come too far.  The dust and dirt mixed with the laughter and tears of the trail muddies the tracks of where we have been, the miles we have walked together, the joys and sorrows that we have witnessed bonds souls deep, and moves us quietly forward to follow the subtle wagon tracks on the path that lies ahead.

We are pioneers of our own lives, and that of our family, on the cusp of a new frontier, trusting that the trail will bring the blessings as promised.  We have also come far enough to know that together we can, and we shall, walk along hand in hand, heart to heart.

 So pack your wagons, make your provisions, pray your prayers, and get ready to pioneer into a New Frontier alongside us as we journey together down the path less traveled.