I believe in Miracles

Miracles happen when we open to them.  God wants us to be whole, holy.  He calls us to him, he uplifts, he heals.  He sends Angels to hold our hands to witness our becoming, to gently guide us into alignment.  All of creation sings our birth song.  Calling us to our divine truth of wholeness, of health, of sacredness.  I can feel the loving vibration elevating me into being, into pure form, into my own sacred essence, into wholeness–holiness,  that I was created to be.

Perhaps this is what ‘holiness’ actually means, a sacred calling to your highest wholeness.

A sacred expression of what is intended and created to move you and through you.

I am expanding and unfolding more deeply and tenderly with divine love than I ever dreamed possible.

I feel the movement of the holy rising within my own beautiful soul.

I believe in miracles…..I can feel it in my bones.