An Instrument of Peace


Last night’s soft blanket of snow envelops the earth in loving warmth as dawn comes slowly this morning, shaking the cobwebs loose as I endure the wait for the kettle to whistle it’s shrill signal that coffee will soon be here. Chilled hands wrapped around a hot mug provide the comfort that my soul needs this winter morn. I watch out the homestead window, as light slowly but unwaveringly begins to permeate the day, wrapped snug in blankets, cocooned in warmth.  My heart searches this winter holiday season for purpose, and I realize the prayer that my heart has been feeling deeply into.

Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace.

Yes, this.

An Instrument of Peace.

Let me let go of hurting, and pain, and perfection; instead receive peace.

Let me forgive who needs forgiving, and ask for my own forgiveness from others when I fall.

Let me soften my face, my eyes, my body, my heart so that I can open to receive.

Let me fill my cup with love so deep and divine that it runneth over to my family, my community, and the world.

Let my heart and hands open to serve in love.

Let me go where I am needed. Let me serve who needs serving. Let me do what needs doing.

Make peace my prayer.  Make prayer my language. So that the peace and prayer become one, and I too become at cell level, peace.

Yes, make me an instrument of peace.

Breathe peace.

Let peace become me, and me become peace.

Let peace permeate all that I do.

Let all that I do be done in love with a peaceful heart.

Let me let go of expectations, of busyness, and instead become an instrument of peace. A vessel for divine work to flow through, a channel for love.

Let me still my soul so that I can hear.

Let my heart and home become permanent residences of peace. Let all who enter my hallowed walls feel peace, and leave restored.

This is my prayer, make me an instrument of peace.