Into Stillness

Breathe. Expand. Hold.

Moving into stillness requires presence, attention, and grace.  Deep fall prepares our hearts and bodies, guiding us within, expanding our attention as daylight gives way to shadow.  Winter holds us steady wrapped in woolens and frosty arms of it’s sheer depth and fortitude.

The season calls for quiet.

For hibernation.

For healing.

For tending to, and loving.

For restoration.

We are all moving to, and moving through the eternal, divine spiral of wholeness.  Where the journey is the destination, and we arrive when we become present to it.

You are already whole.


Healing does not negate brokenness, rather it brings us into fullness of presence of our own wholeness, holiness. Where we previously thought we were broken, lacking, or missing pieces, instead we are lovingly invited to a deeper level of wholeness. Of holiness.

So move into stillness dear heart, to the center of the spiral, come into your wholeness, embrace your holiness, you were created for this.

Wholeness does not mean that your heart does not break, rather when it does you embrace it, embrace yourself, love yourself well and deeply, and learn to take tender care of your precious, beautiful soul.

Wholeness does not mean you will not walk through dark nights. It means that when you do, you will know how to trust your light to guide your way.  You know that the moon and stars will guide you on as you navigate the path with loving kindness.

Wholeness does not mean that your body will not get tired, will not need rest and restoration, rather it means that you listen intently to your inner wisdom, you understand the depth of connection to the natural world around you, and you choose to nurture and support your fabulousness in a way that only you can intuit.

Love leads us into the spiral of our wholeness. Holiness. Through transformation, through change, the spiral continues expanding within our experience of our own soul. We accept that we change with the moon, we embrace the ebb and flow of the universe, the oceanic fluidity that surrounds and moves within us. We understand that surrendering to the divine love of it all is the only way in, the only way up, the only way through.

Through surrender we experience the ebb and flow, mobius tidal movement, transformational, ever-changing, expansive universe is what we are created for and invited into; the divine nature of it all.  The ancient map lies within, the blueprints of your heart point the way into stillness.

Deeper into the spiral.

Breathe and open to what is there for you.

Be intentional and wise with your time, your energy, your connections.

Nurture and nourish yourself deeply.

Hold yourself and others in the ever expansive embrace of love.  Understanding that letting go is the greatest act of love that exists on this planet. Letting go of ideals and plans, letting go of dreams and desires, letting go of what you think you know and need, letting go of those you love, and trusting the eternal rise of holiness, wholeness of spirit, that is always manifesting in divine love.


Lay it down.

Fall into grace,

into wholeness,

into stillness,

into your Holy.