A Letter to My Son(s)



Dear Wild Heart,


Please do not think that just because you are growing up means giving up on who you are.  Your truth. Your essence. The light of who you were created to be.

Please do not misunderstand, that becoming a man requires you to harden your heart.  The truth is instead, manhood asks more. More of you, of your heart. It asks you to expand.  To stretch beyond your comfort zone. To live your truth. Stand for what is right. It asks you to soften, to stretch farther than you have before.  

Hardness will only break you.

It is the old lie, you know the one that says men don’t cry. That men don’t break. That men cannot, no matter what be soft with those they love, and harder than steel to stand up for the weak.  

This is the truth.

You were made to soften, to open, to bend, and yes, even break.  To discern when it’s time to let go of what isn’t working, and instead embrace what is.  To dig deep and find your strength within.

Not without.

It is there dear one, in your wild heart.  

It is fierce when it needs to be, and gentle when called.  Like the wolf guarding the pack, bristling, baring snarling teeth, jaws snapping.  Then, in the next breath, curling up, snuggling in, lying in loving synchronicity with those you invite in.  Honoring your wildness while maintaining honor in your heart and home.

Please understand my dear son, that this is the truth of who you are.  

You are brave.

You are bold.

You are wild.

You are smart.

You are worthy.  

You are loved.

You are sacred.

And you are human.

You will hurt. You will fall.  You will find weakness, but remember you will also find your greatest strength when you are vulnerable.  

You will learn.

You will grow.

You will climb mountains.

You will do great things.

The greatest of these will be the love and light that you find in your own soul.  Share it with the world. Be vulnerable to love. Be soft with those that love you. Show your loyalty. Your bravery. Your bold. Your wild. Protect with all your might. Believe deeply.  Love deeper. Shine brightly.

This is true strength. This is what it is to be a man.


I love you more than you will ever know.