There is something to be said about the crystalline clarity of -35 degrees in Northern Minnesota winter.  The air is piercing, cuts to the heart of the matter direct. It also simplifies life, as you really weigh in on what is absolutely necessary for the rhythm of the day. It calls you to review your priorities.  

This old farmhouse groans and pops under the pressure of the cold. The chimney chugs titanium white billowing puffs wildly into crisp phthalo blue skies to keep up. The sun rises slow over the pasture today. The light stretches fingers long and golden over the rolling hills, and I wait. I reflect. As snow reflects light, I shine inward to feel deeply into this past year.  

It has been a year of big growth, and big surprises. Nothing I could have planned or controlled. It has been a rhythm of change, and if you have ever been here, standing front and center in change itself, you know that change feels kind of like jazz music, it can be dissonant, resonant, and abrupt, but it can also be lyrical, flowing, and melodic.  

There is magic here.

The kind of magic that shakes you awake, calls you to attention, and asks more of your presence.

How will you answer the call?

Change is a Holy marvel. Spirit beckons through change. Can you answer in faith?  Has your melody been interrupted by an unplanned chord change?

When Holy Spirit directs, shakes us awake and asks us for our attention, can you give your devoted presence, or do you stand and long for the melody, rather than enjoy where the music is taking you?  

I practice standing in the magic of the song of my life, learning to progress and flow with the music I am given.  As it moves around and through me, my resonance, my sacred, my truth grounds me like the bass line, the heartbeat of the song. It steadies me and teaches me to trust the sacred, the Holy, to trust myself.


And I choose to dance to the divine rhythm of my soul.