For Everything There Is A Season

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Hello beautiful friends.

I see you. 

I value you.

I accept you.

I love you.

I trust you.


May you be and feel loved and supported as you move through uncertainty. 


May we use the wisdom within to draw us into closer connection and broader circles of community. 


May we find new levels of acceptance and understanding, grace, for ourselves and others.


May we release the old patterns of what is no longer serving our best and highest selves, and look to new ways to embrace and elevate our lives. 


May we all return to the center of our spiral and heal from within that which has been hidden and is now coming to light. 


May we hear the holy calling of Spirit to cleanse and renew both ourselves and creation. 


May we choose joy and live in gratitude. Learning to take nothing for granted, but counting our bountiful blessings. 


May we choose peace and love over anger and war. 


May we be free from restraint and conditioning that has kept us in bondage. 


May we choose the holy high road as we re-learn, re-member, how to navigate uncharted waters, and pioneer bravely, a new world. 


May we trust in the high calling that asks us to rise above. 


May we pray for each other, mother nature, and ourselves. 


May we find the still point within from which to move. 


May we embrace the cyclical nature that is us and our world, and learn from it, flexibility. 


May we trust in change as she fuels the cycle of the seasons within and without us. 


May we remember for everything there is a season, a sign under the heavens. 


May we re-member our connection to both divinity and mama earth, as they are one in the same. 


May we embrace challenge and learn resilience to rise above adversity. 


Most of all, may we never again under value being able to embrace each other. 

Blessed be.


For now, know that I am loving each of you from afar, offering and sharing healing and love to the world.