Many Moons

Dear Friends and Family,

It has been many moons since I have been fully present in the space. Perhaps lifetimes, in so many ways. So much has changed, and yet I remain.

Children grow older, they spread their wings and fly onward. Mountains are climbed, wildfires consume that which is unexpected, and sometimes, it’s just time to let go. Change is inevitable. I choose to honor the shifting of the tides, the turning of the spiral of the wheel, both in my life and my heart.

For now, I am leaning in, feeling into what it is I would like this space to hold. Always the sacred, because truly, that is what this living is about. I am preparing to re-create and offer here with deeper wisdom, insight, and honor. You will see things have changed. The spiral has turned, and I stand in the ashes of that which has burned down, rising again to do her work.

May we all be deeply blessed.

In love and gratitude,