Hello Yoga Family!

Classes are beginning!

We will be using the ZOOM platform, which you can enjoy from the comfortable nest of your own home. I will be posting some tips and tools in the next few days, on how to have a successful experience on a digital platform for those of us transitioning to virtual offerings. 

Today I would like to open up registration for our first yoga session of Midwinter, honoring the return of the light. The session will be five weeks long. Each week will have a different theme, which will be announced at the beginning of the week to help you prepare your heart and spirit to receive the offering. This week’s theme is: Tending the Spark Within.  

Each class is created to reflect and connect us to the rhythm of the season, and to cultivate and curate more intention and mindfulness into our lives on a daily basis through gentle movement and breathwork. This class is suitable for healthy beginners, and more experienced yogis alike, anyone who can get up and down off the floor without assistance, and is comfortable, or can create comfort, through adjustments and props. As always, please check with your care provider if you have any questions or concerns. 

In the spirit of community care and inclusivity I am introducing a pricing tier for the exchange. Many have experienced, or are experiencing, financial hardships due to CoVid. Stress is at an all time high collectively, and we need these tools now more than ever. The pricing tier is an opportunity to pay what serves your household, and the community at large that we are building together. It is my hope and vision to create a circle of giving and reciprocity so that we may be able to continue to extend our reach of service to those who need it. I encourage you to sit with this for a moment and feel into what value this service holds for you. Please allow your exchange to reflect that.  

Each class will be 60-75 minutes in length. They will all be recorded. The recording will be available to you for one week to utilize as many times within that week as you choose. This way you will have the opportunity to use the practice each day, or more than once per day, at your discretion. The previous week’s class will be taken down on the following Thursday after the new class is available. 

Pricing Tier 

Level 1   $20/Class ($100/5 wks)

Level 2   $15/Class ($75/5 wks)

Level 3   $10/Class ($50/5wks)

I am accepting payment through PayPal. You may access the link here.

You must be paid and registered before noon Thursday to receive the link to that evening’s class. Please contact me by email after you have remitted your payment using the form below, or directly at wendysnobl@gmail.com to receive access to the class.

I am excited to see what we can create together. 

Yoga literally means to ‘yoke’ or unite.  It brings balance into our life, allows us to expand and experience the present moment, becoming witness to our own sacred inner journey.  It helps our body to relax, heal, release stress, and realign, which in turns works on an inner emotional level healing and revealing to us our authentic self.  Yoga allows us to create new patterns in thought and action, and helps us express our true nature.  In all,  yoga allows us to be aligned and connected to the sacred soul we are created to be. Through this practice we can reveal what it is that we need to heal, how to rise up out of trauma, negativity, loss, and everyday stress to reveal our intuitively joyful nature, our purpose, and our passions in this life.

-Wendy Snobl

Yoga elevates our being into light, which is our natural state.